A traditional family office is a business run by and for a single family. Its purpose is to centralize the management of the family wealth and run it like a business. Typical functions include staff or outside advisors to assist with investments, taxes, charitable activities, trusts, legal and other planning matters. The purpose is to conserve, diversify and multiply wealth, manage family issues of disagreement or agreement and arrange compensation or payouts to family members.

Optima offers exceptional advice on all of these subjects and has 40 years of experience in complex family issues to find solutions to differing opinions and goals by the family.

Optima interfaces with other professionals to find coherent and intelligent investment options that benefit the family. We provide innovative ideas for tax and investment selection that result in keeping costs of the operation to a minimum. We do not manage invest family assets but, rather, we provide for experienced decision making and oversight that is essential to any business or family operations. In other words, we manage the interface with investment companies, CPA’s, trust officers and other professionals and act as the family CFO or advisor to the existing family CFO, President, or managing director.