Optima will help your business with tax and financial planning strategies. These strategies include:

Tax Returns/Tax Planning

Tax returns are completed for individuals, corporations, S Corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates. This is not merely a mechanical process. Professional thinking goes into preparing these tax returns to maximize deductions, keeping taxes as low as possible and competently presenting the tax return to keep your audit exposure to a minimum.

Tax Advantaged Investments/Pension Plans

Annuities, either foreign or domestic, offer some tremendous tax deferred benefits. Thus, while your investment is earning interest or is being increased from stock market investments, this increase in value is not taxed. With a little more planning, this may never be taxed and may be inherited by your family members. There are many types of pension plans but some are more valuable than others and vary in the amount that can be deducted.

Planning Makes A Difference

Many of our US clients buy and sell companies. We have been very successful in structuring preferential capital gains rates even with the sale of C Corporations. Normally, C corporations are subject to punitive taxes upon their sale and there can be double taxes to include both corporate and individual levels. Planning makes all of the difference. Where a client could have potentially paid as much as 70% in federal and state taxes they were able to reduce it to about 20%.