Optima will help your business with strategies to pay less income, estate and gift taxes. These include:

  • Family limited partnerships

Use these tools to reduce your estate by 40%-50% and move appreciation in assets to younger generations to escape one or more levels of estate taxes on future generations.

  • Generation skipping trusts

Learn how to move $10.5 + Million in assets for a husband and wife to your grandchildren and avoid estate taxes on your children’s estates

  • Living or intervivos trusts

Avoid probate with proper planning and structure while reducing estate taxes at the same time

  • Charitable remainder trusts to save capital gains taxes

Irrevocable life insurance trusts to keep life insurance out of your estate and to pass it along to heirs without income or estate tax

Case Examples

A elderly client recently was able to pass along almost 10 times as many assets to his children as he thought was possible without a gift or estate tax.

Another successful couple-client was able to reduce their federal and state capital gains taxes by 90% with some focused tax planning using partnerships, insurance and gifting.